THANK YOU to the entire CCSL teachers and staff. While having the kids home for remote learning, I have come to appreciate the teachers so much more. Please know my family appreciates you all and thanks for all you wonderful CCSL staff do. Stay safe.

Mary - Testimonials

I admire the teachers. They are beyond amazing. They take the time to figure out what motivates my kids.

Collegiate Parent - Testimonials

Happy New Year and thank you for everything Dr. Hodgdon, and all of the CCSL staff, have done for our children both during COVID-19 and before. We are all blessed.

Collegiate Parent - Testimonials

I love how they make it easy for parents to get involved in our children’s academic and social activities. I also value the school’s curriculum and how they pay each child individual attention.

Collegiate Parent - Testimonials

I need to give the biggest shout out to the teachers at Collegiate Charter School as they have done an amazing job with remote teaching. 6.5 hours of continuous virtual teaching every day and tutoring offered after school—Spanish, physical ed., art, English, English comp., math, social studies, science, geography, advising and even social workers! The teachers HAVE NEVER COMPLAINED! THANK YOU, THANK YOU! An extra shout out to Dr. Laurie Hodgdon for keeping the village running so smooth. Final exams were administered with almost 100% participation. The platforms, the curriculum, and engagement have gone beyond my expectations for the fall. CCSL should be used as a model on how to get it done! I've heard other private and charter schools are also excelling. Kudos to those teachers and schools. Thanks for keeping our children at the forefront.

6th and 7th Grade Parent - Testimonials

My daughter has friends from many different backgrounds, cultures, and learning abilities, and I have seen first-hand how welcoming the school has been to everyone.

Collegiate Parent - Testimonials

SABIS® school curriculum is very expansive and helps the students to be aware of global affairs.

Collegiate Parent - Testimonials

My child and I love this school. I have to say it's the best school in Lowell. My two other kids attend regular public schools and their schools would schools would not even come close in comparison to CCSL.

Collegiate Parent - Testimonials

We are very happy at the school so far. All of the teachers and staff are very friendly and all of the kids seem happy in the morning when they arrive.

Collegiate Parent - Testimonials


The Collegiate Charter School of Lowell is a tuition-free public charter school that provides an academically challenging program in a safe and structured environment. The school first opened its doors in 2013.



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