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Success at Collegiate - Meet the Khy Family


When Sopheap Sok was looking for a school for her children, she wanted to find a school in Lowell that her kids could attend from Kindergarten through graduation, one that celebrated diversity, and one that would prepare her children for college. She found everything she was looking for at Collegaite Charter School of Lowell and has watched her children thrive since enrolling them there. 

Jenifer Khy is in Grade 11, Jennaly Khy is in Grade 8, and Jettra Khy is in Grade 4 at Collegiate. They like being there together, particularly Jettra, who likes knowing that his sisters are at the school, even though he may not necessarily see them during the day. 

The Khy siblings also enjoy the diversity found at Collegiate. 

“It’s really nice to go to school and see other Asians along with everybody else,” says Jennaly. “It’s a very diverse community – never just one group of people.”

The school’s diversity is highlighted through special celebrations that give students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and experience.  Celebrations include an annual International Fair that engages entire families in learning about other countries and cultures.

Beyond appreciating Collegiate’s diversity, the Khys also appreciate the school’s focus on preparing them for the future. 

Jennaly plays a big part in the school’s SABIS Student Life Organization® (SLO). In fact, as an 8th grader and the Head Prefect, she oversees all nine SLO departments.  In this role, she has had the opportunity to develop and practice skills that will serve her well in the future including management, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership.

Jenifer, who will be part of Collegiate’s first graduating class in 2023, finds that the educational system implemented at the school is particularly effective in helping prepare her for college. 

“Collegiate is a SABIS school,” she explains.  “SABIS schools have their own curriculum, and teachers use a special system – the Point System.  The teacher will teach, and then you go over an example together, so you get an idea of how it works.  Then you do it on your own, and if you need help, you can ask for it. It works really well for me.”

All three siblings are planning to use the knowledge they have acquired at Collegiate as a springboard to college and careers.  Jenifer is interested in pursuing a career in biology, maybe BioTech; Jennaly wants to be an entrepreneur and own a business one day; and Jettra thinks he wants to be engineer – at least at the moment. 

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