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Success at Collegiate - Meet the Salazar Family


Juan, Juliana, and Isabela Salazar are sibling who attend the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell. All three moved from Columbia to the U.S. two years ago and did not speak English when they arrived. To help them assimilate, their father, Julio, knew it was important to enroll them in a school that could provide a nurturing environment and attention to their academic needs. Today, after spending two years at Collegiate, the Salazar kids speak fluent English, are active members of the school community, and are quick to attribute their success to the structured program, helpful staff, and supportive students at the school. 

Juan is the eldest of the three Salazar kids and in the 11th grade.  He aspires to be an airline pilot after he graduates and has an appreciation for several aspects of the school. He enjoys attending Collegiate and says the way the teachers’ lessons are organized and focused on clear objectives helps him learn.  Beyond that, Juan appreciates his teachers and what they have taught him about goals.

“The teachers at Collegiate helped me so much with my English language skills and taught me the importance of setting and working toward goals,” he says. “This has inspired me to think more about my career and the future.”

Juliana Salazar is in the 9th grade. Like Juan, she is now fluent in English, having worked hard with her teachers to learn the language quickly.  The diverse Collegiate community, according to Juliana, played an important role in supporting her in her transition to the U.S. 

“I like that there are a lot of other students at Collegiate who come from different countries and are learning English here,” says Juliana. “They do not treat you like you are different. They make you feel welcome, and this helps you learn and gives you the confidence to try new things.”   

Isabela Salazar is in the 8th grade.  During the two years she has been at Collegiate, she has learned English like her siblings and also made a surprising discovery…

When I was I Colombia, I used to be really bad at math, but when I came to Collegiate, my teacher had a way of teaching math that made it easier to understand. Now I love it!” she remarks. 

Next year Isabela and her siblings will all be high school students, where they will continue to expand their learning and make valuable memories as part of the Collegiate community. 

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