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Success at Collegiate - Meet the Clark Family


The Clark family was one of the first families to enroll at Collegiate Charter School of Lowell. In fact, Isaac Clark was the very first student's name ever drawn in the school's enrollment lottery when the school opened in 2013. He started as a Kindergartner in the school and today he is in the 8th grade. His siblings, Eli and Isla, are currently 4th graders at Collegiate and have been at the school since Kindergarten.

In their time at Collegiate, Eli, Isla, and Isaac have blossomed into young individuals who embrace learning, even if it isn’t always easy.  Eli and Isaac say math is their favorite subject thanks to teachers who not only teach the material, but also give students learning strategies to make the subject more accessible. Isla’s favorite subject is science.  She also credits her teachers for helping her develop both an understanding and a love of the subject.   Isla’s teachers have made such an impact on her, she wants to become a teacher and come back to teach at Collegiate.  Eli wants to be an engineer one day; Isaac is considering a career as a marine biologist.  

Outside of academics, all three Clark kids have things they particularly enjoy about Collegiate:  Eli likes the school’s summer camp and the playground; Isla likes the teachers and Dr. Laurie, the School Director; and Isaac likes the Student Life Organization and the opportunity it has given him to be a general role model and a mentor to a Collegiate Kindergartener.

The experience of all three Clark kids at Collegiate has exceeded their mother’s expectations.  Jaclyn Clark wanted a good school for her children; one that could offer the kind of enriched and rigorous academic program that people associate with private schools.  She appreciates the preparation her kids are getting for college and life at Collegiate, particularly through the challenging schedule, longer school day, and frequent assessments.

They are being trained to deal with a healthy dose of pressure, which is important in the world we live in now,” she remarks.  “I think [Collegiate] sets them up for future success.”

Jaclyn is also pleased with the way Collegiate is helping her children develop as individuals.

Collegiate is a home for kids,” she says.  “There is a focus on diversity, inner self, and teaching kids to be proud of who they are.  I’m proud of my kids as a mom and think a lot of that comes from what they are learning at Collegiate.” 

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