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Success at Collegiate - Meet Sotara

Sotara Rorn is one of the “originals,” a badge she wears proudly. She is one of the original students who has gone to the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell since it opened its’ doors, and as a senior, an original member of the school’s first graduating class this year. She believes her experience at Collegiate has not only shaped her future professional career but changed her for the better. “ When I was younger I was really shy and didn’t really speak up. But with my time at Collegiate, I think I gained a lot of confidence, and now I’m able to express my opinion,” said Sotara.

She credits the SABIS® Student Life Organization (SLO®) activities for giving her more confidence and sparking her interest in psychology. “I first joined SLO® in middle school, and just being a part of this group of people made me realize that my voice can make some change in the world.” For her, the size and accessibility of staff have also made a difference. “My favorite thing about Collegiate is how small it is. Because I am able to make connections with people very easily and we all really know each other. There is always at least, I think one person every student can go to if they need help and I really love that.

She has been accepted into her top three schools:  Simmons , Suffolk, and UMass Lowell. She plans to major in psychology, plans shaped by her experiences at Collegiate. “I was part of the Social Responsibility Department; I think that is when my love for helping people started. Once I got to high school, the Wellness Department was created, and I think being part of that department really helped me realize how important helping people is to me.” She remembers in particular, how the once-a-week wellness check-in program gave students a safe place to talk about how they felt during the pandemic.

Academically, as a college preparatory public charter school, Collegiate provides students a solid foundation. Sotara believes lessons she learned in middle school such as how to “construct a really well-written essay” helped her in high school and will further benefit her in college. A journey she began early when she was selected for a pilot dual enrollment program with Middlesex Community College, where she is taking a class in psychology. Her dual enrollment experience is going well and the class is “really eye-opening”. Congratulations to Sotara; you’ll always be one of our originals.

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