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Success at Collegiate - Meet Pablo


Pablo Souza is a lifelong Lowell resident whose parents immigraded to the U.S. from Brazil. He attended Lowell Public Schools through the 2nd grade and then enrolled at Collegiate Charter School of Lowell, where he is currently in the 11th grade. Having spent nearly 10 years in the school, Pablo has had some very valuable experiences and learning opportunities.

When Pablo started out at Collegiate, he joined other 3rd graders as the oldest students, which was KG-3 at the time.  The school was temporarily housed in Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, but eventually it moved to its permanent facility on Middlesex Street, where the new high school was completed just before the 2021-22 year. 

“It feels really good to be in the new school,” Pablo remarks.  And as much as things have changed, one thing has not. “It’s the people.  All the staff are incredibly nice, and they are incredibly good at their jobs.  I love being in everyone’s presence, being with friends. I love coming to school, really. I enjoy the interactions with everyone, and it’s taught me to be a better person.”

Pablo didn’t always love coming to school. He, like many other students, struggled to follow rules and directions, so he got in trouble.  Reflecting on his time at Collegiate, Pablo appreciates this phase in his life and what he learned at Collegiate. “You really have to own up to the things you do – always.  Always take responsibility for what you do,” he says. 

His teachers helped him realize this, but he also saw on his own that being in high school brings new responsibilities. “I realized that I needed to have a mentality shift and learn to be more responsible and mature,” he says. “I still have fun, but it’s a balance.”

As someone who understands the importance of balance, Pablo helps share his knowledge and experiences with others in the school.  He is head of the Student Life Wellness Department and has an important job.  “What I basically do is try to make sure the students in the school know what resources they have to help them maintain good mental health,” Pablo explains.

Equipped with the knowledge and experiences he gained at Collegiate, Pablo will be a senior next year.  With strong MCAS results from the 10th grade, he is hoping to qualify for scholarships, and while he is not sure what exactly he wants to study, he knows that college is his next step after graduation.

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