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Success at Collegiate - Meet Makayla


“Never give up. If you really apply yourself, you can achieve whatever you want.” 

These words of advice are among the most memorable and valuable for Makalya Trainor, a junior at Collegiate Charter School of Lowell.  She has heard them – in one variation or another – from teachers and staff at the K-12, public charter school since she started there in the 3rd grade and has taken them to heart.

Makayla is strong student who understands the value of putting in effort in order to reap the rewards, but that doesn’t mean she is always sure of herself.  “There have been a lot of times I’ve felt discouraged about things, but multiple teachers at Collegiate have pushed me not to give up on myself,” she says.   As a result, Makayla has taken advantage of opportunities to challenge herself both academically and socially at the school.

I am taking Advanced Placement (AP) Literature now,” she explains, “and next year I will probably take as many AP classes as the school has to offer.” 

Makayla’s nine years at Collegiate have prepared her to tackle the rigorous material in AP classes. In fact, she believes that her time at Collegiate has prepared her better than many other schools. 

I am farther ahead academically than friends I have in other schools,” she says.  “We cover a college-prep curriculum, so we learn a lot more at a faster pace.  As a result, I think I’m more ready for college than if I had gone to a different school.”

In addition to being farther ahead academically, Makayla has also used her time at Collegiate to develop and practice some important life skills.  She has been an active member of the school’s SABIS Student Life Organization® since she was in the 7th grade and currently serves as the Head of the Activities Department. In this role, Makayla leads a team of students to plan dances, family BINGO nights, contests, movie nights, and more.  She enjoys being able to get involved in the school.

I think it’s awesome!” she says.  “SLO gives students the freedom to make their own choices.”

The skills Makayla is gaining through her involvement in SLO – leadership, organization, time management, communication – will serve her well as she moves into her senior year at Collegiate next year.  She plans to work hard in preparation for applying to colleges and is excited to have an especially memorable year.

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