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Success at Collegiate - Meet Makarios


"We have to take initiative to reach our goal." If there is one thing you can say about Makarios Kitenda is that he takes the initiative. As he graduates from the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell, he looks forward to a bright future with many options. The only question is which one he will succeed at first. 

Makarios is an all-around athlete at the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell and the Boys and Girls Club, playing soccer, basketball, and track. He is also the owner of his own videography business MK Films. His passion for photography and editing has already led him to work with Lowell’s own Terrance Mann of the LA Clippers. Who Makarios says is “a great guy”. While he may have had his work with the stars, he also has his feet on the ground. Focused on the sciences, Makarios plans to major in Biotechnology. He would like to reach the professional level in photography as well but describes it as being “something I’m really passionate about, and if that’s not the case, I can always use my degree to get a nice job to help support myself.” A young man with multiple talents, Makarios also helps teach guitar and piano at the Boys and Girls Club.  

On the academic front “physics can really help me”, says Makarios, as he pursues a science major at Worcester State, one of fifteen schools where he was accepted. As one of the school’s original students who has been there since the doors opened, he appreciates the solid foundation and sense of community at Collegiate, “It’s really a humbling experience not everyone has that opportunity to have the same friends from third grade through high school.” It was an environment where he could thrive. All the activities at Collegiate have given him the opportunity to realize he can be part of making a difference. “If you don’t make change, there is not going to be change”. According to Makarios, he has enjoyed the “diversity there…You get to meet different people, everyone has a different background, different stories so you get to understand and connect.

Congratulations to Makarios on his graduation! We look forward to watching you succeed and will always be proud to say you are one of our “originals”.

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