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Success at Collegiate - Meet Cynthia


 “Come out of your shell and make friends.” That’s the advice Cynthia Kamara would give to her younger self, and she credits the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell with helping her to do just that. An upcoming graduate and member of the first senior class, she came to Collegiate in fifth grade. Cynthia said it was then, “I started to come out of my shell a little bit I made friends, and I became a bit more outspoken.

The smaller size of the school made a big difference according to Cynthia, “because I know everybody and have met some of my best friends ever and some of the best teachers that I’ve had.” Another difference that benefited her was the easy transition from middle school to high school. She said her favorite memory was in eighth grade when she graduated from middle school. “When you start a new school, you have to meet new students, and teachers and adjust to everything. With Collegiate, the only thing I had to adjust to was the new building. But everyone was still here, and it was also interesting to see everybody grow.” A K-12 school, students at Collegiate get to know many of the high school staff while in middle school.

Cynthia has thrived in both the environment and activities. She credits her roles in the SABIS® Student Life Organization with helping her to become a leader “I’ve learned leadership skills and communication skills.” During one activity, she planned out bulletin boards around the school based on themes. “I also get to use my creativity to make something for the school,” said Cynthia.

Now this once shy young woman is headed to Fitchburg State University. She will major in Communications Media with a concentration in Film and Video Production. She received the John & Abigail Adams Scholarship. Cynthia says her AP® English course has been “an important subject for me” helping her to “strengthen my skills.” She developed an interest in editing during the pandemic. “Watching TV shows and movies…I was noticing how they are edited and I thought that’s pretty cool how people take scenes and put them together …a sad action scene, using editing.” She wants to work on film and TV shows.

Congratulations to Cynthia on her graduation! Your Collegiate family will always appreciate your creativity and leadership.

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