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Success at Collegiate - Meet Brooke

Before she came to the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell, Brooke Taylor will tell you she may not have ever taken up a sport. Now it is not only a passion but will become her career. According to Brooke, she began, “Because of our Athletic Director, he encouraged me to play soccer and play basketball, and I really just fell in love with the sport.” Brooke has been accepted to Fitchburg State, Dean College, and Westfield State. She would like to pursue a career in sports medicine or as a physical trainer.

Brooke is one of the first original students to be with the school since the day their doors opened ten years ago. Her strongest subjects are Mathematical Studies and AP® Literature. She will graduate appreciative of all the lessons she has learned from her participation in sports to life lessons picked up from her experience at Collegiate. “During advising class, we’d always have these people come in; I remember they said the choices that you make now will affect you later. And so I’ve always made the best choices that I think will benefit me in the future”, says Brooke.

Sports have shaped many of her relationships at Collegiate “My coach for basketball said you guys are a family; you are supposed to work together.” One of the biggest lessons she believes taught is “definitely sportsmanship, and to have heart and not be mean to others.” Along with playing basketball, she has also participated by helping with the activities through the SABIS® Student Life Organization, “We plan all the students vs. staff games and kind of the sports banquets. We’ve grown a lot we even planned our own senior night.” Brooke feels her time at Collegiate has prepared her for a successful career and life. “I think it impacted my life for the better. I feel like my life is thriving and going up.

Congratulations to Brooke on her upcoming graduation! On the court and off the court, you’ll always be one of our originals. Keep shooting for the stars.

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