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Public Records & Transparency


Records Request Officer:
Mr. Christian Simard
IT Manager
1857 Middlesex Street, Lowell, MA 01851
(978) 458-1399


Annual Reports:
2013-14 Annual Report
2014-15 Annual Report
2015-16 Annual Report
2016-17 Annual Report
2017-18 Annual Report
2018-19 Annual Report
2019-20 Annual Report

2020-21 Annual Report 
2021-22 Annual Report


Audited Financial Statements:
FY2014 Financial Statements
FY2015 Financial Statements
FY2016 Financial Statements
FY2017 Financial Statements
FY2018 Financial Statements
FY2019 Financial Statements


Winning Bids of Public Contracts:
2019-20 Custodial Contract
2019-20 Vended Lunch Contract
2019-20 Snow Removal Contract
2019-20 Futures Education Contract


Awarded Federal, State, and Municipal Government Grants:
2019-20 Grant Summary


June 15 2021 Agenda (Meeting canceled)
December 13 2022 Minutes
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