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Public Records & Transparency

Records Request Officer:
Mr. Christian Simard
IT Manager
1857 Middlesex Street, Lowell, MA 01851
(978) 458-1399


Annual Reports:
2013-14 Annual Report
2014-15 Annual Report
2015-16 Annual Report
2016-17 Annual Report
2017-18 Annual Report
2018-19 Annual Report
2019-20 Annual Report

2020-21 Annual Report 
2021-22 Annual Report


Audited Financial Statements:
FY2014 Financial Statements
FY2015 Financial Statements
FY2016 Financial Statements
FY2017 Financial Statements
FY2018 Financial Statements
FY2019 Financial Statements
FY2020 Financial Statements
FY2021 Financial Statements
FY2022 Financial Statements


Winning Bids of Public Contracts:
2019-20 Custodial Contract
2019-20 Vended Lunch Contract
2019-20 Snow Removal Contract
2019-20 Futures Education Contract


Awarded Federal, State, and Municipal Government Grants:
2019-20 Grant Summary


June 15 2021 Agenda (Meeting canceled)
April 11 2023 Minutes (to be approved first)
May 15 2023 Meeting Agenda
May 15 2023 Minutes (to be approved first)
May 30 2023 Special Meeting Agenda
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