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Week of April 26-30

Dear Collegiate Families--


We hope that you had a restful vacation and ready to take on the rest of the school year with vigor. The next 8 weeks will be filled with MCAS for Grades 3-10, EOT exams, and many fun-filled activities for our students.  It is important not to lose our focus in the next 8 weeks though as we maintain a strong academic focus that ensures high academic achievement for our students.

As you all know, we continue to keep our learning community safe by following the guidelines we set at the beginning of the school year.  As many of you know, we are engaging in COVID pooled testing.  If you are interested in having your student(s) participate and want to learn more, please read the following:

If you have been on vacation, please follow the guidelines set by the CDC and Collegiate. 

Any staff member or student who travels out of state is subject to Massachusetts’ COVID-19 Travel Advisory and should quarantine for 10 days upon their return to Massachusetts.  Travelers in the following categories are exempt from the 10-day quarantine if:

  1. The traveler has received a negative COVID-19 result on a test administered no more than 72 hours prior to their arrival in Massachusetts or receives a negative COVID-19 test result after their arrival in Massachusetts.  Travelers who test after their return to Massachusetts should quarantine until they receive their result.
  2. Any traveler who is returning to Massachusetts after being out of state for less than 24 hours.

Collegiate staff or students who travel out of state must either provide documentation of a negative test result, completed vaccination, or will need to quarantine for the 10-day period before they will be allowed to return to work/school.

We look forward to seeing our students tomorrow.  Please look for more updates this week.


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Dr. Laurie


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