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Shine Your Light

2021-2022 School Theme


As tradition, each year Collegiate celebrates our school community with a theme that we follow and live by.  This year, it is SHINE YOUR LIGHT.

RATIONALE: What if when students come back to school this year we focus on students’ strengths and interests? What if the first thing we do is find out more about our students and their passions? What if we celebrate our students’ unique strengths and put them at the center of their learning? What if building relationships was the first standard that needed to be mastered? How would that change the start of the school year for our  students?

Imagine a student “shining your light” and we discover our students' unique strengths, interests, and aspirations to build the skills they need for success in the K-12 classroom and beyond.

SHINE YOUR LIGHT—Everyone has special gifts to shine brightly.

Dr. Laurie and the Collegiate Staff
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