Academic Life

Grade 9 – Grade 12

High School is an important time in a student's life. During this time, they are making lifelong friendships, discovering their talents, learning more advanced material, and preparing themselves for the next chapter of their lives.

Grade 9 is the beginning of a four-year High School Program that focuses on success in college and in life.  Abstract reasoning and critical thinking skills are emphasized in all disciplines. Our classes include a broad base of traditional academic subjects and reflect the knowledge that universities require.

High School Graduation Requirements​

A total of twenty-seven (27) credits are required for graduation. All students will be required to apply to college as a requirement for graduation. A passing grade of 60% is required to get credit for any class that is graded numerically. A passing grade of FAIR is required to get credit for any class that is graded using comments.

  • English: Required for all four (4) years
  • Math: Required for four (4) years
  • Science: Required for three (3) years – Minimum one (1) life science and one (1) physical science
  • World Language: Required for four (4) years
  • History: Required for three (3) years – At least two (2) years of U.S. History must be completed
  • Fine Arts: Required for two (2) terms – Sample courses include but are not limited
    • Music
    • Art
    • Creative Writing
  • Physical Education: Required for all four (4) years, one (1) term per year
  • Health: Required for one (1) term
  • Computer Programming: Required for one (1) year
  • Humanities: Non-required elective courses
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