Dear Collegiate Parents & Guardians

Welcome to the Collegiate Charter School of Lowell! Collegiate is a proud member of the global SABIS® Network, an organization that has been delivering a top-quality, college preparatory education for over 130 years!

As the world becomes more and more competitive, parents are more aware than ever of the importance of choosing the right school for their children. By choosing Collegiate Charter School of Lowell, parents/guardians can rest assured that they have chosen a school that is committed to providing a top-quality, college-preparatory education that helps all students achieve their full potential.

In these pages, you will find a wealth of important information about the school including our mission, philosophy, curriculum, and instructional model.  You will also find up-to-date information and announcements about the school.  We invite you to take the time to browse through our website and read about the many different and interesting aspects of the school.

We also encourage you to follow our Facebook page and look out for mailings that are sent home with your children. Please remember that you can always contact us if you need paper copies, translations, or have any questions. Make sure to contact the main office or your child's Academic Quality Controller if you have questions regarding your child's academic progress.

We look forward to collaborating with you to help ensure your child's continued growth and achievement.


Dr. Laurie Hodgdon
School Director

Collegiate Charter School of Lowell

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