Public Records and Transparency

Records Request Officer:
           Christian Simard
           IT Manager
           1857 Middlesex Street, Lowell, MA 01851
           (978) 458-1399

Annual Reports:
          2015-16 Annual Report

Winning Bids of Public Contracts:
          2016-17 Custodial Contract
          2016-17 Vended Lunch Contract
          2016-17 Snow Removal Contract

Awarded Federal, State and Municipal Government Grants:
          Check back soon

Minutes of Open Meetings:          
          July 2016 Approved Board Minutes
          August 2016 Approved Board Minutes
          September 2016 Approved Board Minutes
          October 2016 Approved Board Minutes
          November 2016 Approved Board Minutes
          December 2016 Approved Board Minutes

Approved Budget:
          2016-17 Approved Budget


Collegiate Charter School of Lowell

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